iPhonography, Photojournalism

App control

What happens when photojournalists leave their cameras behind and point their iPhones at major events?
AP Photographer David Guttenfelder captured a military operation in Afghanistan using a rather “simple” piece of equipment, the iPhone with a Polaroid film filter app. The result is interesting and the body of work points out what might be a new direction in photojournalism. By choosing the iPhone (with all it’s limitations) David Guttenfelder has to change his photographic method. It can look as if he is “forced” to focus more on the situations and scenes that is suited for his choice of photographic technique, rather than focusing on the storytelling moment. The material published by AP looks like a personal photographic diary focusing on the moments suited for iPhonography. Retro looking Polaroid pictures that twists the reader/viewers perception of the issue. The ongoing war in Afghanistan witch is a tragic and depressing story, becomes a kind of private, subjective and visually simplified personal journey into the soldiers and journalists more private sphere. Visual notes that alters the sense of both the issue, time and place. Is the iPhone with a cool app the right tool for this though journalistic job?


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