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Proud to present the students graduating project Mybe Tomorrow

Take a look!

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NPPA´s guide to photography contests

We are upon the photography contest season. And NPPA raises the question: Do they matter?

The NPPA have done the job and collected some prominent industry professionals thoughts about the value of contests and what you can do to try to secure that your entries are seen by the jury. 

Read “Why Enter?,” “The Judges Speak,” “Colton’s Hints: Contest Do’s and Don’ts,” and “The List” in this special online package. via

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Field notes

Spending time in Rindal together with the Danish photojournalist Henrik Kastenhov and a batch of new students at Oslo and Akershus Universtiy College (the Photojournalism Bachelor). We’re gathered in Rindal to learn online storytelling and Bombay Flying Club´s Henrik is a inspiring teacher that knows the drill…between sessions he is posting field notes well worth reading. As he puts it in his newest blogpost…we are located in a Twin Peakish town of 2.073 souls in the rural country side. A challenge for sure.